Learn from the Best with Our Office Hours.

Struggling with Wized & Xano? We help you execute and ideate with our office hours. Join a supportive community of over 1,000 Members.

What do we cover?

In our Office Hours you'll learn best practices in low-code Web Application architecture. Will dive deep into Xano API Calls, Database Structure, and Wized Actions. You'll be able to bring up any questions you may have.

Who should join?

Our Office Hours are intended for developers who are wanting to learn Wized & Xano, as well as those who are already familiar with Wized & Xano who may have difficulties or questions. Think of it like staying after a lecture to learn from your prof!

When does it happen?  

We run our office hours once weekly. Sessions last 1 hour and we try to give all members a change to ask their questions and contribute. There’s no obligation to attend, this is a purely free and voluntary system
Frequently asked questions

Office Hours FAQ

I've already built my Web App but something isn't working, can I bring this up in Office Hours?

Yes! This is exactly what Office Hours is for, you can bring any questions you may have surrounding Webflow, Wized & Xano and we will do our best to answer them!

I'm using Supabase as my backend, do you support this?

Unfortunately we only specialize in Xano & Wized, however we do have minimal experience in Supabase and other Office Hours users may be able to support you in your questions.

Join our Office Hours

A great place to learn from pros, make connections, and have fun. All for free!

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