How Black Peak Built an e-Learning Web App with Webflow, Wized & Xano

Bailey Fisher
May 24, 2023
Equity Academy

Key Points:

  • Black Peak built a custom e-learning platform for mortgage consultant Jide Buckley using no-code tools
  • The platform utilizes Webflow, Wized, Send Grid, and Xano for fully-custom experiences and secure video hosting on Vimeo
  • Webflow E-Commerce and its API were used for transaction handling and reducing costs for the client

Who is Jide Buckley?

Jide Buckley, our client, is a thriving mortgage consultant who has amassed a following of over 200,000 on his social media platform. He operates Equity Academy, an e-learning website that caters to realtors and loan officers. Additionally, he uses "The Mortgage Kitchen" as his social media handle, where he publishes informative content on real estate, finance, investing, and mortgages.

The difficulty around monetizing an audience

Having a larger following on social channels can be rewarding, but the tricky part comes when you try to monetize it; with Instagram offering only a small revenue share of its reels platform, creators are limited to monetizing their content through brand deals.

In March 2021, TikTok announced its creator fund, which has significantly supported the growth of its creators. The platform has taken a more proactive approach in assisting its content creators.

As Creators become increasingly laser-focused on building their brands, they need a platform that can support a global user base, as both Instagram and TikTok limit their ad-revenue sharing to Creators in the USA only. Creators also need finely tuned control and customizability over their offerings. 

This is where Wized, Webflow & Xano come into play; with this set of tools, Creators can build fully-custom experiences for their communities, subscription-based e-learning platforms, algorithmic-based tools to save other Creators time; the list goes on and on.

While no-code tools are an excellent solution for Creators to build fully custom solutions for their audience, building complete SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are relatively easy to implement but challenging to master. There is still a steep learning curve involved. This is where Black Peak comes in.

How Black Peak enabled Jide to monetize his Audience

Enter Black Peak, a Wized Development Agency with immense experience creating no-code & low-code web apps, specifically for the real estate industry. Our tool-set enables us to Utilize the power of Webflow’s Designer, and Wized, to build extremely powerful Webflow Web Apps. 

We built a custom e-Learning platform for Jide using Webflow, Webflow E-Commerce, Wized, Send Grid & Xano. Users can pay a one-time fee via Webflow E-Commerce for access to the platform. The videos are securely hosted on Vimeo and cannot be viewed or embedded outside the website. We secured the site by ensuring API calls sent to fetch the Vimeo videos only go through if the user is authenticated.

How we used Webflow's E-Commerce API

Our approach to building was slightly different than usual because we utilized Webflow E-Commerce for transaction handling and Webflow's E-Commerce API for sending Webhook responses to Xano, which granted user access. Black Peak proactively decided to use Webflow E-Commerce and its API to reduce costs for our client.

Vimeo Embed API

To maintain the security and privacy of the content, we only allow API calls from users who have authenticated and paid. These calls retrieve the embed code from our database and display it on the website.

Let’s build a
low-code web app together!

Black Peak is a industry leader when it comes to Web Apps with Webflow + Wized.