How Black Peak built a Investment Client Dashboard using Wized, Webflow & Xano

Bailey Fisher
May 24, 2023

Key points:

  • Zyyo utilizes no-code solutions for easy backend editing and maintenance of their dashboard built for investors
  • Black Peak elevated the design of the dashboard and built various unique features such as user inviting, and a referral system
  • Re-Tool was used for easy editing of the backend database

Who is Zyyo?

Zyyo is a technology-driven real estate development firm that offers design, budgeting, underwriting, construction, material solutions, market analysis, and investment services. They initially approached Black Peak for assistance in updating their pre-existing Webflow site and implementing Finsweet’s Client First.

Rendering of a new property development by Zyyo

The issues with Code dependant backends

As a leader in the real estate industry, Zyyo leverages a client-facing dashboard custom-made with React to engage current and potential investors. This dashboard was being used to present investors with potential opportunities. However, Zyyo never used this tool to its fullest potential due to its dated design and hard-to-edit, code-based backend.

Using code-based tools for the backend of Zyyo's client-facing dashboard posed a significant disadvantage due to the need to rely on developers for making design or content changes. This process was time-consuming and inefficient, as Zyyo had to contact external developers and wait for their assistance when simple design or content updates were required.

The No-Code Solution

Enter Black Peak, a wized development agency with immense experience creating no-code & low-code web apps, specifically for the real estate industry. Our tool-set enables us to Utilize the power of Webflow’s Designer, and Wized, to build extremely powerful Webflow Web Apps. 

After we updated Zyyo’s Marketing site, they approached us to re-design and develop their backend. They needed a way to edit & maintain it easily. Since their team was already familiar with Webflow, utilizing Wized & Xano for the backend was an obvious first choice.

User's Dashboard

Design Refresh

We took this opportunity to overhaul their visual identity, introducing a sharp, bold green into their dark and elegant design. The dark-themed site, paired with a brilliant green contrast and bold, vibrant rendered imagery, created a captivating viewing experience for investors.

New Color Palette
Deal Overview Hero

The new dashboard created by Black Peak includes functionality such as favouriting deals, referring deals to others, inviting users to your organization & showing investment interest in deals.

Organization Inviting

Inviting users to shared organizations allows sharing deal investment data and deal bookmarks. With our Xano & Sendgrid invite system, users can easily add team members to their organization and choose their permission levels. Upon signing up, invited members are automatically assigned to the organization they were invited to.

User Referrals

Similar to the organization invitation system, users can share deals with users outside of their organization and outside of the Zyyo network, allowing users to introduce new investment opportunities to friends and colleagues.

Deal Sharing Modal

Re-Tool Admin Backend

We also used Re-Tool for the admin backend, allowing Zyyo to add new deals without logging in to Xano. This simplifies the process of approving users and editing previously existing deals.

Re-Tool Dashboard

The web application includes a document viewer built using Cloudpdf, allowing Zyyo to host secure PDF files and view statistics such as who viewed a document and how long a user viewed a document.

No-Code Was the Solution for Zyyo

Utilizing a no-code solution, specifically Wized and Xano, brought several benefits to Zyyo. Firstly, it allowed for easy editing and maintenance of their backend. This eliminated the need to rely on external developers and significantly reduced the time and effort required for updates. Since Zyyo's team was already familiar with Webflow, adopting a no-code approach facilitated a seamless workflow for making changes to the client-facing dashboard.

Furthermore, the no-code solution provided by Wized and Xano empowered Zyyo's team to take control of the dashboard's design and content independently. They no longer had to depend on specialized coding knowledge or wait for developer assistance. This enhanced their agility and responsiveness in managing the dashboard, enabling them to quickly implement design enhancements and incorporate new content without any coding expertise.

Adopting a no-code approach improved Zyyo's efficiency by streamlining the editing process, empowering their internal team, and reducing dependencies on external developers. It allowed them to focus on their core tasks and respond promptly to client needs, enhancing their productivity and user experience.

With the new Investor Dashboard, Zyyo can now use and maintain a tool that boosts investor relationships and cements Zyyo’s position as a tech-enabled real estate development firm.

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