Web Templates vs. Custom Web Development - What to Choose?

So, your business has launched online—now, how is your website doing? A professional-looking website is crucial, which is why website development is important. With web development, you have two options—web templates or custom web development. 

Using web templates is easier and a lot cheaper, and many business owners tend to take this route without considering the benefits of custom web development. 

Here, we will discuss all the good reasons you should consider custom web development: 

Get a Unique Design

This is the main reason to choose custom web development. Your website will look as unique as your business. Web templates have a set of predefined layouts and designs. You cannot modify them. Custom web development allows you to design your site any way you want to. Everything can be designed as you wish, from logo to colour combinations.

Experience Less Technical Issues

A custom web development has been designed specifically for your business, which means the designers know exactly how you want it. This eliminates the possibility of making technical mistakes or causing a problem for your website.

When using a web template, you are using a plug-in or a set of codes that are designed for a variety of websites. This means that these codes might not be compatible with your specific website. It can cause issues with your website. 

If you get custom web development, the systems used will be customized to your specific website. This means a website that runs smoothly without any technical problems.

Deal With Less Maintenance

A template-based website is not customized for your business. This means that, in case you want to modify it, you will have to do all the modifications yourself. 

In case you want to add a new page, change the colour of a button or add a new feature, you will have to do that yourself. When you have a custom web development, the development team will handle all the maintenance and modifications. You just need to point out all the modifications you want, and the team will do it for you. This saves a lot of time and effort on your part.

Make Your Website Search-Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization is essential to obtain more traffic to your website. It is important to have a website that can rank well on search engine results. 

Web templates usually have pre-built SEO features. On the other hand, custom web development allows you to add SEO features precisely as you want them. With custom web development, you get a website that is search-engine friendly.

Make Your Brand Identity Shine

With custom web development, you can make your brand identity shine. You can have your logo match perfectly with your website, making it look very professional. This way, you are able to portray your brand in a better way.

The Bottom-line

Custom web development is essential for websites that need a unique design and unique features.

This does not mean that you should avoid web templates. They are great for experimenters who need a website that can be modified any way they want. However, if you are sure about the design, theme, features and the like, you should go for custom web development.

Customizing your website gives you the freedom to express your company's identity in the best possible way. 

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