5 SEO Tips to Help You Regain Your Website's Rank

A good SEO strategy is vital for any company out there looking to be found when a user goes online to do some searching. Unfortunately, the hardest part about an SEO strategy is not to create a good one, but to maintain one. In other words, consistently maintaining a high rank on a search engine result page is much harder than climbing up. Because of this, many company websites fall in rank over time.


Are you trying to get your website back up the search engine results page? Here are simple tips on how you can boost your website's SEO ranking:


1. Update the Website

One of the biggest reasons a website loses its search engine rank is because it goes out of date. Google is always adding new ranking factors that will help determine a website's rank. Because of this, you must know what these factors are and utilize them effectively. Often, you're going to see an almost instantaneous boost to your website's search engine rank. Don't forget to continuously update your site to improve on current ranking factors and to utilize new ones.


2. Improve the Loading Speed

It is safe to assume that every user out there is in a hurry to find information. After all, if they visit a website and must wait an unnecessarily long time for it to load, they'll click away and go to another site.


There are a few things you can do to optimize your site's loading speed. First, optimize the images. Make sure they are as small and are in the right format. You can also optimize the code that makes up the website to make it perform much more efficiently. Finally, don't forget to compress your files. That way, the user won't have to spend so much time downloading bigger files.


3. Utilize Social Media

Social media shares are a massive boost to a website's credibility and, in turn, rank. Why? Users tend to listen to other users more than they will to you. If they share your site, you're going to enjoy a lot more visits.


If a competitor has been overtaking you in this aspect, it is a simple matter of getting more shares again. Add share buttons on your site and provide informative content. That way, when someone finds something interesting, they can share that content with others, drawing them to you.


4. Enhance the Click-Through Rate

One of the most significant factors Google considers when ranking your website is its usefulness to users. They do that by looking at your CTR (click-through rates). A high CTR means that users visit your webpage often, increasing your website's rank. On the other hand, if your CTR is low, Google is going to realize that your website should be put down below compared to if a website in a lower rank than yours is enjoying higher CTR.


Tweak your website’s content to enhance or update your CTR. For example, you can turn headlines into more catchy titles and implement more keywords to enhance your content's relevance to a user's query. 


5. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendliness is another critical factor in your search ranks. Most of all, online users are on mobile platforms, which is why your website must be mobile-friendly.


Make sure that your website design is one that is friendly to the mobile user. There are many things you can do, such as creating a responsive website and making it easy to reach information. Compressing images and videos also ensures that the site loads fast and is snappy to any of the user's actions. In doing this, your rank is going to be put far ahead websites that aren't mobile-friendly.


In conclusion, all isn't lost if you've dropped in ranks. Just follow the tips we've given you and put them into action. By creating more engaging and informative content, making your website mobile-friendly, improving your site's loading speed, and utilizing social shares, you'll see a massive boost search engine rank. Believe us when we say that you'll regain your search rank in no time at all!


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If you are seeing a decline in traffic to your site, it might be time to update your SEO's. Fortunately for you, here are 5 tips to help with that!

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