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Case Study


A bold social media brand experience for a large live streaming platform.

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Streamlabs is a live streaming platform based in San Fransisco. One of our latest projects was to design and manage their Instrgam channel. Our work resulted in an increase of 5,000+ followers in under two months.


December, 2019




Marketing, Content Curation, Graphic Design

A mockup for the website

The Challenge

Create a strategy to attract and engage an audience that is used to seeing fast paced, action packed videos as well as plan a content strategy to create daily posts to keep their audience engaged and active.

The Approach

Our approach was to create a sense of consistency and routine by designing a set of beautiful designs that would rotate through with content on an on-going basis. The result. An increase in over 6000+ followers in under two months, all organically.

“Black Peak is a driven and positive team who pays attention to detail. They aren’t afraid to iterate until the perfect design is reached”

Morgan Biemiller
Head of Design, Streamlabs


After Black Peak, brand interaction on Instagram increased over 10x. The brand went from having a few hundreds of followers to over 6,000 in just 2 months.

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